Mentors & Facilitators

Team Mentors

These mentors will get your team to the finish line! With expertise on creative entrepreneurship, customer development, social impact and coding, they will smoothen your learning curves, destined to help you out wherever they can.

Koen Havlik – Partner & Data Scientist at Algoritmica. Organizer of the Data Science NL meetup.

Vincent van Leeuwen – Jack of all trades | Product guy | Co-Founder & Chief Hustler @ SNTMNT

Arjan Haring – Co-founder and the brain behind Science Rockstars; creators of PersuasionAPI. His main interest is the practice and theory of behavior change. This brings him in fields such as social psychology, user experience design and even machine learning. His passion in bridging together different scientific fields led him to co-create PersuasionAPI, closing the gap between online optimization & personalization with persuasion profiling. And paving the way to a better marketing.

Jeroen Hubert – What does it mean that marketers are creating millions for businesses? How has successfully made the transition to online retail while others are going bankrupt? And how do you launch a product or service successfully? During Startup Weekend Utrecht I will share my knowledge and experience so that you’re ready to meet needs more sharply, develop a stronger business model and can set your concept in the market with more force.

Patrick Kerssemakers has been working in e-commerce since 1999. In 2002 he started, the contemporary web warehouse with a broad assortment of branded products for design, gifts and living. is active in more than 8 countries. is since 2011 part of RFS Holland Holding (Wehkamp and Create2fi).

Dolf Segaar – Attorney at law, managing partner at CMS Derks Star Busmann, involved with entrepreneurs. 

Trude Maas is an independent chairwoman and supervisor. Her specialities are talent, education and innovation. She was in 1998-1999 and 2002-2007 member of the Eerste Kamer for the PvdA party, the chairwoman of the Commissie voor Wetenschapsbeleid en Hoger Onderwijs, and responsible for the purse of Economic Affairs. Between 1971 and 1998 she filled management and C-level functions at BSO/Origin and CITO. From 1999 to 2006 she was President of the Hay Group Vision Society, which she started. Her current functions include but are not limited to chairwoman RvC Phillips Electronics Nederland, vicechair RvC Schiphol, chairwoman Raad van Toezicht Van Gogh Museum and chairwoman Utrecht Development Board.

Frank Meeuwsen is a digital strategist with his own agency The Incredible Adventure starts here… He is one of the founders of, an online magazine about living effortless and working smarter. He is the author of the books Lifehackingtips, Bloghelden and Lifehacking met Evernote. He is also the Small and Medium Business Ambassador for Evernote in the Netherlands.

Silvia Onos – I’m energetic, driven and ambitions. Amicable, social and involved. Love of change, with a sharp eye for the customer and the result. I create my own chances. Working at Centraal Beheer Achmea as Senior Marktmanager.

Stefan Vermeul’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2008 when he started building a video production company. Later he was co-responsible in a company’s public offering at the NYSE Euronext and worked on a startup in San Francisco. Now, together with his partners Koen Bekkering and Boyd Sleeman, he owns Dutch Standard. Dutch Standard primarily incubates, accelerates and participates in tech-based market leading propositions. Like EEN Media, Dutch Network Group, Drive Ugo and

Jaap Oostinjen – I’m founder of Fetch! We develop effective ideas online. I love interaction, both the predictable and unpredictable aspects of it. To have interaction running smoothly, within planning and budget, at the edge of technical possibilities, that’s what I’m good at. I love it when a plan comes together.

Alain Dujardin is Creative Director and partner at Greenberry – the agency for digital relevance. Alain has over 10 years of experience working for several leading digital agencies in the Netherlands, including Lost Boys (LBi), Framfab and (TBWA\). Early in 2011 Alain joined Greenberry – a digital agency which develops concepts and campaigns for brands like VARA Broadcasting, Teva, the Dutch postal service PostNL and Centraal Beheer Achmea.

Ingmar Creuzberg (Marketing Manager HC) – Entpreneur, goalgetter with an extremely high level of energy and fun. Next to being an entrepreneur previously worked for Nike, Levi’s, Corio, Pepe Jeans, Replay and many more. Expertise in retail, marketing and sales.

Paul Barendregt is the CEO of Bedrijvencentra Utrecht BV. He is passionated about connecting startups and supporting them in growing their network and company. His beliefs: Strategy, Gathering, Uniting and Connecting.

Hans Koeleman – I work at Binding, a small company that helps organizations with creative and innovation concept creation. We are design thinkers that believe everything starts with a strong brand identity that is lived by every employee. My job title is Disruptive Engineer. I believe in the mechanism of disruption to kickstart creative processes and to keep an organization constantly on the move.

Martijn Laar loves marketing so much that he studied it (PhD @ Nyenrode Business School), that he spend 20 years working on it (Philips, Berenschot, Rabobank), that he writes about it (columns, books), that he would love to discuss with you how start-ups can make profitable noise.

Saskia Zwartjes studied business economics and organizational coaching and currently works as advisor, projectmanager and coach for the Dutch government. Saskia supports individuals, teams and organizations on their path of learning. Her aim is to guide you while you will find a new path to walk on. She will help you see your options. It is up to you to make your choice!

Douwe Wester – Founder of LeanUp – I innovate, improvise and above all use common sense. My passion lies in solving the puzzle as quickly as possible. From common inspiration I care for the right solution and provide support where needed. At LeanUp we help entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and enterprises create a scalable business model by validated learning. Through training, coaching and collaborating we can help you experiment and test your assumptions to validate your business.

Ewoud Goorts – Founder and Product Director at Loves simplicity

Johan Manders – Is the founder and technical brain behind Sparks HQ. enables founders to share knowledge and connect with clients, investors and employees. Johan is driven bij technology & education. He is the father of two kids, prints his own 3D gadgets and is our emergency response officer this Startup Weekend! @johanmanders.

Emile Bosch is technical angel at Leapfunder, Appical and Intercity, ower of Sprint Republiq. His opensource contributions include Selfie, a CSS regression testing tool, Takeout a Chef automation toolkit and various other gems. After working as a freelance developer with a multitude of clients from various backgrounds such as Ikea, Sony Ericsson, Jumbo and Funda, and AFM he now solely helps young startups build their MVP’s and hires their first development teams. He’s often to be found at Hackathons or speaking at meetups. He speaks fluent C, NodeJS, Ruby and C#, and blogs at He advocates continues delivery, test-driven, fast sprints, and a pragmatic just get it done approach. Github: Now tries to change IT education at

Marc Fonteijn – I’ve have a strong background in new media, online and mobile. Currently applying my knowledge in a right-brain oriented environment where the focus lies on people instead of technology. I’m driven by the impact of technology on our society and the changes in social attitude that are associated in our continuously more connected world. I’m constantly trying to get a grasp on what the rules of our evolving society are.