Which ticket do I buy?


We’ve followed suit with other Dutch Startup Weekends and made it possible for people to start pointing out their strong points early on. Read the excerpts below and try to purchase the ticket that’s right for you – the goal is to divide the balance of talents among teams that form up around the pitched ideas. If you pitch an idea Friday night and it’s voted on as having potential, your team will attempt to make your idea a reality within 54 hours.

On Saturday, the teams work to create and/or improve the business model, the development, the storyboard, design and marketing for the idea. After several rounds of receiving help from mentors, coaches, coffee, some generous eats and only a few hours of sleep – the teams present the result to a jury of local experts who evaluate the viability of the results. The program is designed to provide superior hands-on entrepreneurial experience outside of your daily network that dares you to exit your comfort zone. Entry-level expertise is welcome for any ticket.

You do graphic design, are a UX designer, solve user interaction issues, or are involved in print, industrial or interface design.

You’re a software developer, an engineer, a hacker, or you find coding or computer programming otherwise exciting. If you’re not any of these, then you’re a person who otherwise makes things real: perhaps a carpenter, or a chef, maybe a garment-maker or a sculptor.

You have a non-technical background, enjoy making sales, designing marketing strategies, or are otherwise a creative thinker and idea maker.

Of course, making connections with like-minded folks that share your background is also highly encouraged. So is bringing your laptop or tablet along. According to statistics from Startup Week Global, there’s an average of 36% of Startup Weekend events that see companies continue on beyond the startup phase, and roughly 80% of team members stay connected after the weekend to continue working out their ideas.